Choose your path and
follow the sun.

We all possess the
ability to seek


AY Studios was founded in 2019 as a creative space meant to explore sustainable ways of bringing timeless yet daring designs to life. Now, our plant-based sunglasses and sustainable bag collection are a testament to free thinking and the journeys ahead. We celebrate everyone who chooses to walk down their own path and take the roads less travelled. We all possess the ability to seek. That’s why we say; Follow the sun.


It’s in our DNA to inspire everyone to follow their own path — because we see the world around us changing at a rapid speed. Conventional behaviour and common perceptions are being challenged and changed for the better, no matter whether we’re talking about gender, style, work, leisure or just general outlooks on life. That’s why all our products are made for exploration and designed to last — no matter your path.

Your journey is made up by the choices you make, the places you go and where life takes you by chance.


Diversity, curiosity and unique stories are a big part of what we do. AY Studios partner with a long range of different people to tell their stories. Leonor and Diego, from Buenos Aires in Argentina, have chosen a life without children. 

Kent Stannard lives near the coast of Melbourne in Australia and believes that city people are filled with unhappiness because they’re disconnected from nature. What’s your story?

Tell your own story


On Instagram, we use the hashtags #FOLLOWTHESUN and #AYSTUDIOS. Use these to tell your story through your very own lens — and help us inspire others to follow the sun.


If you think your profile and path in life suit the AY Studios mission, don’t hesitate to contact us for a collaboration. Reach out at to hear more about our ambassador network.